Should bodyweight exercises be done in a slow,moderate, or fast motion? March 5, 2009

mikey1478 asked:

For example, should I do slow, moderate, or fast reps for push ups and crunches?

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dP March 6th, 2009

the Negative Portion….slow and controlled
the Positive Portion….fast and Explosive

CCKW March 8th, 2009

Exactly what that guy said.

For instance, during push ups:
When you go up, do it fast and exhale through your mouth.
When you go down, go slowly and inhale through your nose.

You should really do this for all exercises. The slow part is during the “resistant” part of whatever exercise you may be doing.

Dave March 9th, 2009

with push ups i like to go down kind of slowly then explode up other times i will just do loads fast with out locking my arms at the top. not sure about crunches i do them about moderate

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